That’s Amore: Time For The Dress Change

After the bouquet and garter toss it was time to do the infamous dress change. I had debated doing the dress change for a few months and decided to rent one of the venue’s dresses. I thought it would be fun to wear an over the top, frilly dress. I mean, you only get married in Japan once,right?



A typical Japanese reception dress. Image via

Unfortunately, renting a dress would be about $700 and there was no room in the budget for it. In the end, I decided to wear the long blue evening gown I’d gotten from David’s Bridal.

Mr. G and I exited the hall and while I got changed Mr. G asked our wedding coordinator to please bring us food. There had been no time for us to eat as guests continually came up to our table to pour us beer and have a quick chat. I got into my blue dress and Mr. G and I scarfed down our meal as quickly as possible.


Mr. G grabbing a quick bite to eat. Can you tell we were starving? Personal Photo

Our photographer then came to take a few more couple photos of us and soon it was time to go back to the reception. It had probably taken 20 minutes for me to get changed, eat,and take photos.



A photo of us after the dress change

As we reentered the venue the MC explained the reasoning behind my blue dress saying that in America brides have “Something Four” something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.


I’m pretty sure our guests were underwhelmed by my simple dress, but I was comfortable and that’s all that mattered to me at the time. Looking back, I sometimes wish I had just ignored our budget and  gone for the frilly dress,  but looking at the photos I feel that this look will be more classic.

If you were in my shoes, what would you have done? Gone for the frilly, over the top dress? Found your own dress to wear?

recap icon

Photography by Teppei Kawakami 

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