That’s Amore: Let’s Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Japanese wedding receptions are two and half hour sit down meals. Our guests were treated to beer, wine, sake, and cocktails as well as a five course meal which consisted of a caprese salad, soup, Japanese lobster, the main entree which was a choice of steak or fish, and dessert. I wasn’t able to take photos of the food at the wedding, but here are a few from our tasting meeting a few months prior.


The edamame (soy bean) soup with seafood topping.  Personal photo


Lobster in balsamic vinegar sauce. Personal Photo


In addition to our cake the guests also received a strawberry tart.  Personal Photo

Unlike many western wedding receptions there is no dancing and no DJ, so what do you do to keep your guests entertained and engaged?

Besides providing lots of food and drink, we took lots of pictures with our guests.


We stopped by every table to take photos with all of our guests. There are those heart hands again!

296 293

We posed with guests who wanted to take pictures with us in front of our backdrop.

Many couples have their friends do a presentation of some sort which may involve a song or a slideshow. At our reception we had two presentations. One was a subtitled video message from my family.


Guests watching the video message from my family.

I’d seen the video earlier since I had to write the Japanese subtitles, but it was very sweet watching the video again and hearing all of the sweet messages from those who couldn’t make it to the Japanese wedding like two of my brothers and my father. My dad embarrassed me in the video and told this story:

“When Ms. Gondola was a child she one day came to me and said ‘Daddy, I aint got no clean underwear.’ Wanting to correct her I said, ‘No, it’s “I don’t have any clean underwear.”She replied ‘What daddy? You aint got no clean underwear too?!'”

Why did my dad have to talk about my lack of clean underwear as a child on my wedding day?!

The other presentation was from two of my coworkers who did a very sweet presentation with a slideshow about me.


My two co-workers and their slideshow. I teared up a bit.

Mr. G and I also showed a slideshow about the two of us growing up, meeting each other, and falling in love.


A shot from our slideshow. It says that when I was young I wanted to be a veterinarian.

Are there any brides out there who had or are planning no-dance-reception? What will you do to keep your guests entertained?

recap icon

Photography by Teppei Kawakami 

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