That’s Amore: Receiving Line Time

I’ve never been to an American wedding with a receiving line. I didn’t even know what a receiving line was until I started wedding planning, and let me tell you, I didn’t like the sound of it. Making people wait in line not only sounded like a time waster, but tedious. I figured there would be other ways to see our guests- by visiting them at their tables during the reception or greeting our guests when they poured us beer- so I was against the idea of having a receiving line at the end of the Japanese reception, but our wedding planner said that we had to do a receiving line because it was a Japanese tradition that could not be overlooked.  I was not looking forward to it all.

Hive, I would like to tell you that I am a convert. I am now pro- receiving line. If you are debating whether to do one or not, go for it. Receiving lines are awesome!


Our parents, Mr. G and I posing before we started our receiving line.

Once our MC announced that the reception was over our guests started getting their things together and as they walked out of the door we handed them a small gift of lip balm. As they left I was finally able to get a chance to say a proper thank you and connect with our guests. Mr. G and I had gone around  to every table to greet our guests during the reception, but everything was so rushed that we never had a chance to really talk with anyone. The receiving line made it so easy to say a genuine “Thank you for coming.” It was also great to hear what our guests had to say about the wedding reception.


I loved the receiving line. We had about 75 guests and the receiving line took about 20 minutes. Those were 20 wonderful minutes and the perfect way to end the reception.

Are you pro- receiving line or anti- receiving line? What are your reasons behind it?

recap icon

Photography by Teppei Kawakami 

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