That’s Amore: Coming to America

Mr. G and I had three weeks between our  Japanese wedding and American wedding. During that time we weren’t too busy. We packed for the wedding and honeymoon and watched a ton of travel shows about Italy to prepare for our honeymoon.

We also did something very nerve-wracking: We mailed my wedding dress to America.


Mr. G mailing my wedding dress at the post office.

I initially thought that I would put my wedding dress in my suitcase since its not that big and doesn’t wrinkle much. I mentioned this to my friend Gia and she literally shouted “NO!” She mentioned my track record of losing my luggage (at least one piece of my luggage gets lost when I fly internationally). “What if you lose your luggage and you don’t get it back in time for the wedding?! What if your luggage catches on fire like mine?!” (Gia’s luggage caught on fire during an international flight.) She suggested I take my wedding dress as carry-on luggage and have the flight attendant hang it up for me, but I shot that down.  Some of my flight would be on a Japanese airline and they are notoriously strict about carry -on luggage and might not let me take the dress on the plane (most brides in Japan rent wedding dresses so flying with a wedding dress is unheard of in Japan).  In the end I decided to mail my dress through express mail. Luckily, it got there safe and sound and in plenty of time.

Mr. G and I packed our bags and headed for the wedding on a Wednesday. We had a pretty crazy flight schedule ahead of us for the next two weeks. We would travel: Tokyo to Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale to Tokyo, Tokyo to Rome, and then Rome to Tokyo, basically two round trip tickets.  We initially wanted to do the simpler route of  Tokyo to Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale to Rome, and then Rome to Tokyo but the multi-city ticket was about $2000 dollars more so we ended up just doing two round trips instead.


Enjoying a beer before we head off to Tokyo on the bullet train. Still doing peace signs!

Our American wedding trip was four days.  We landed in Florida on Thursday and had our rehearsal dinner on Friday. The wedding was on Saturday, we rested on Sunday, and then flew off for our honeymoon on Monday.

I’m going to be honest with you hive, my American wedding all went by in a blur. I was jet lagged (the time difference between Florida and Japan at the time was 13 hours) and a lot of the time I had no idea what was going on. I had gone to America in March (8 months before the wedding) and met with my Day-of-Coordinator to go over details and the schedule. I returned to Japan feeling very confident and secure about all of the wedding plans and then my mother changed most of the wedding during the next 8 months. Most of the changes were surprises for Mr. G and I and things to make our wedding bigger and better. Nevertheless, I spent a lot of the day asking “Wait, what’s happening?” and “Weren’t we supposed to be doing this at this time?”  This was pretty stressful for me as I can be a control freak sometimes. Looking back, I wish I could of had a more laid back attitude during the day and just enjoyed myself rather than worry why everyone wasn’t following the schedule I had planned. Even with all my needless stressing, the American wedding was amazing and I had a wonderful time. I can ‘t wait to share with you the Gondola American Wedding!


One of our couple portraits from the American wedding. Photography by Courtney Ortiz

Destination wedding brides, how are you planning on transporting your wedding dress?

recap icon

Miss a recap?

We have our rehearsal dinner,.

We set up the venue,

We do our first look and family photos.

The sushi at cocktail hour was great.

We blatantly copy the internet. 

Our boss gives a speech.

We say Kampai!

We cut the cake.

A quick guide to Japanese wedding receptions.

My bouquet toss was an epic fail.

I change my dress. 

Our guests ate and drank.

There were tears. 

We had a receiving line.

We had an after-party.

We tried to have a zero wedding. 


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