That’s Amore: It’s in the Bag

During our American stay, Mr. G and I stayed at a condo that a friend of the family kindly offered to us. It had an amazing view and my mother and her friends stocked the house with wine, champagne, fruit, and tons of snacks.


View from our condo. Photography by Courtney Ortiz


Chex Mix! Pita chips! I was so excited to see so many American snacks. Personal photo

My sister, Mimi, was also kind enough to make OOT (out of town) bags for all of our OOT guests and put one in our condo as well!


Our OOT bags had flip-flops for me and Mr. G, bottled water, and Floridian snacks such as Key Lime Pie cake and plantain chips.


I’d never received an OOT bag before and I loved having one! The thing that I appreciated most in the OOT bags were definitely the  flips- flops which were perfect for walking on the beach.  Quite a few guests mentioned how much they liked the flip-flops and a few people told me they had been planning on buying a pair but didn’t need to since they were already in the bag.  The snacks were also very much appreciated and perfect after a night of drinking at the rehearsal dinner and wedding. I also liked that everything came in a canvas bag that could be reused.

Are you making OOT bags? What are you planning on putting in them? For those who have received OOT bags, what did you appreciate? What didn’t you use?

recap icon

Miss a recap?

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We set up the venue,

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Our boss gives a speech.

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Our guests ate and drank.

There were tears. 

We had a receiving line.

We had an after-party.

We tried to have a zero wedding. 

We head to America!


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