That’s Amore: Tiger vs. Lamb

I should have known that Friday, the day of our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, was going to be a less than perfect day when I told my hair stylist that I needed to leave the hair salon at 4pm- no exceptions!- and left there at 530pm.  Granted, it was totally worth getting my hair relaxed and having hair extensions sewn in, but I totally missed the little get -together my mother had planned for me and Mr. G’s family at her home before the rehearsal.

I raced home to get dressed for the rehearsal and put on my Yukata (a cotton kimono). Mr G and I had decided to bring some Japanese flair to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and he wore a cotton men’s kimono as well. Mr G and I headed straight to the rehearsal where our DOC and venue coordinator were setting up the reception area. I was glad that they were setting up early because we were able to get a sneak peek of the reception space.


Marveling at the room decor.

Our families arrived soon after and we began our rehearsal. We initially planned on having the rehearsal outdoors at the ceremony location but it had started raining so we had to hold it inside.

Okay, let me get real with you for a second. Our DOC is an incredibly polite and professional woman whom I enjoyed working with very much– except on the day of the rehearsal. I have a very loud, rowdy, and big family who were way too busy cracking jokes and talking to pay attention to our DOC. On that night I wish I had a tiger of a DOC who could have taken charge of everyone and handled the situation immediately rather than my sweet, soft spoken lamb of DOC.


We finally get to rehearse after a lot of standing around and waiting.

After about an hour, our rehearsal finished (I think we only actually rehearsed for about 5 minutes) and we headed to the rehearsal dinner venue.  There were a few mishaps at the rehearsal dinner- we got the wrongs menus at first, there was confusion as to who would be sitting where, and our food took about an hour to come out. During the night I wanted to be more aggressive and get our rehearsal dinner situated, but I was so afraid of coming off as a bridezilla that I just grinned and was quiet about everything.  Towards the end of the night everything worked out well and we were able to enjoy our food and drinks.


My mom had kindly made our menus with a monogram downloaded from Wedding Chicks. It was a very nice touch.

Mr. G and I planned on making a speech at the rehearsal dinner, but we had outdoor seating and it was way too loud to make a speech so we just went around and told everyone thank you for coming and handed out gifts to thank my family for helping coordinate the wedding while I was overseas. My sister and mother got Coach handbags (we live near a Japanese Coach outlet store) and my brothers and father got Asian-inspired T-shirts.


My brother seemed to love his shirt!


We got my youngest brother an “Engrish” shirt. It says “Be sure to drink liqueur in front of.” And yes, my brother is wearing a My Little Pony t-shirt.

After the rehearsal dinner was finished Mr. G and I made our way back to the condo, ate some key lime pie in bed, and listened to the sound of rain which I hoped would stop by morning.

My rehearsal dinner and rehearsal were far from perfect. I felt rushed due to being off schedule and I felt like I was never in control of the situation. What’s worse was that I was afraid of taking control of the situation and subsequently being called a bridezilla.  Looking back, I wish I could have reacted in either two ways: 1) Been more assertive throughout the day and just ignored everyone who would have thought  I was a bridezilla or 2) Just had a laid-back attitude and just let whatever happens happen. Instead I just stressed my self out. Bad decision.

Are you afraid of being more assertive because people may think you’re a bridezilla?  What type of DOC do you prefer – a tiger or a lamb?

recap icon

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