That’s Amore: Getting Ready For The Big Day

I woke up on the morning of our wedding and immediately opened the window to see if the rain from last night had stopped. It had and there was so giant rainbow outside to greet me! Our wedding  ceremony wasn’t until 4.30 that day so Mr. G and I had a leisurely breakfast on the beach. On our walk to breakfast I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly windy it was and it got even windier on our way back to the condo. “I hope it’s only this windy on the beach” I told Mr. G on our walk back. “At least it isn’t raining.” Mr. G told me. I couldn’t have agreed more. On my wedding day, give me wind over rain.

At about noon, my makeup artist came over and started my makeup. My mom, my sister, and my niece, Olive, also came over to get ready and have their hair and makeup done.


Getting my makeup done by my wonderful makeup artist Aimee.  Personal Photo

I may have mentioned this before, but I wouldn’t be having any bridesmaids or any type of bridal party.  Mr. G nor I have many close friends who live in the States and I also didn’t want to have the added stress of getting a bridal party organized from overseas. My two moms and my sister were basically my bridesmaids throughout the whole wedding planning process. They helped me with invitations, coordinating the wedding, making OOT bags, etc. They were amazing.

My photographer came soon after and started taking some photos as we got ready.

cici-300 cici-302

My sister and I drinking champagne because drinking champagne is an essential step when getting ready on your wedding day.


Getting my hair done. I just asked for a few simple curls.


My mother and my niece, Olive, who was beyond excited to be a flower girl.

My photographer also took a few solo portraits while my mother and sister got their hair and makeup done.


Soon it was time for me to get into my dress. By then we were running a little bit late so we started to hurry. Everyone had to get dressed all at once!


This is by far my favorite getting ready shot. I love how our dresses are red, white, and blue- the colors of the American flag.

While we were getting dressed, Mr. G took a few photos on the veranda with our photographer.


Once everyone was ready we hopped into the limo and took a few fun limo photos. We then headed to take our family photos at the Arts Park at Young Circle.


Say what?! Are we getting married?! Personal Photo


We just had to rock a few peace signs!

A word of advice to brides out there: schedule a lot of time for hair and makeup– way more than you think is necessary. I scheduled what I thought to be more than enough time for hair and makeup (two hours for three people) and we still ran about 30 minutes late which was awful because Mr. G’s family had to wait in the park until we got there.

How long are you planning on spending on hair and make up? Already married brides, how long did you spend on hair and makeup? Did you need more time?

Unless noted, all photography by Courtney Ortiz.

recap icon

Miss a recap?

We have our rehearsal dinner,.

We set up the venue,

We do our first look and family photos.

The sushi at cocktail hour was great.

We blatantly copy the internet. 

Our boss gives a speech.

We say Kampai!

We cut the cake.

A quick guide to Japanese wedding receptions.

My bouquet toss was an epic fail.

I change my dress. 

Our guests ate and drank.

There were tears. 

We had a receiving line.

We had an after-party.

We tried to have a zero wedding. 

We head to America!

We receive some great OOT bags.

We have our rehearsal dinner. 


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