That’s Amore: A Tangled Ceremony Send-Off

After our love letters, my sister then moved on to the vows. I asked her to do the typical  “in sickness and in health” vows because those are the vows I always imagined myself saying when I was a child.  We exchanged rings and my sister presented us as husband and wife. At the end of her statement, the ceremony musicians started to play the song we decided for our recessional, the theme from our favorite video game Final Fantasy. Mr. G and I squealed when we heard the song.


Yay! Final Fantasy!

Hearing “our” song was the perfect end to our ceremony. To those of you who are planning your wedding, I highly recommend that you do a song that is really special to you and your significant other for your recessional. It makes the moment of being pronounced husband and wife a thousand times better.

We turned to walk down the aisle and our DOC cued our guests to start the end-of-ceremony send- off with Japanese streamers. I love Japanese streamers. They are very pretty and look dramatic when you throw them out. Clean up is also very easy as the strings stay connected to the base.


Above is a gif of me throwing out the type of streamer we used at our wedding.

I shipped about 100 of them to the States to be used for our walk down the aisle because I thought it would be cute and add some Asian flair to the event. The streamer throwing went surprisingly well even though it was everyone’s first time using them. I was worried that we would get tangled in the streamers during our walk back down the aisle,  but we were able to get out just fine.


Our guests did a great job of using the streamers. They were everywhere!


Unfortunately poor Olive, who got so excited at seeing the streamers, ran down the aisle to get a better look and got horribly tangled.  I think she actually enjoyed getting all tangled up!

cici-88 cici-89

It was a great way to end the ceremony!

Is anyone doing a send -off after the ceremony? What are you planning on doing?

All photography by Courtney Ortiz.

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