That’s Amore: Food and Cake

Let’s talk about the food at the reception!


I do the same dance whenever I see yummy food. Image via

We had a buffet style dinner with various stations set up throughout the dining hall such as a beef carving station, a pasta station, and then some main entree stations with hamburgers, hot dogs, and BBQ sandwiches. I liked that the various stations were spread out throughout the hall because no station had a long line and guests were able to get their food quickly.

So let me get real with you for a minute, I didn’t 100% love the food at the wedding. Now don’t get me wrong, the food at our wedding tasted delicious. I just don’t feel like the food matched the event. Early in our wedding planning process, Mr. G and I wrote the things that were most important to us and for Mr. G it was food. When it came time to delegate wedding responsibilities Mr. G was in charge of choosing the menu. I initially wanted a sit down, plated dinner with something like steak or fish, but Mr. G wanted a buffet with lots of his favorite American food.  He worked with the caterers and came up with a menu that sounded very good.  I was very excited about the pasta station and I was looking forward to having classic American food like BBQ chicken. At the actual wedding, however, the carving station and pasta station fit in very well, but the hamburgers and BBQ just didn’t seem to fit the vibe and seemed too casual. Either way, the food was great. I just wished that I had a card or message at the American food station explaining the reasoning behind our choices. For example, “Mr. and Mrs. G really wanted to celebrate being back in the States by having some classic American food at the wedding.”

One thing I had no worries about was our wedding cake. Now you may remember that there was a little drama with my American cake. I had gone the cheap route and found a very inexpensive baker who was extremely rude. Her business closed (no surprise there) and I had to find another baker about two months before the wedding. I was lucky to have found Jenny who bakes and makes beautiful cakes. We had a three tier cake– two tiers were lemon cake with lemon curd filling and one tier was chocolate cake with chocolate filling. The cake was amazing! It was very moist, fluffy, and delicious.


Our wedding cake at our dessert bar. Mr. G was in charge of choosing the decoration for cake and chose sunflowers, my favorite flower.


I was always the type of person who never cared about wedding cake, but I am so glad that I was able to have a delicious one. It made such a good memory!

Are you worried about having the food fit the vibe of your wedding? Did anyone give the task of choosing the menu and cake over to their significant others?

All photography by Courtney Ortiz.

recap icon

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We use streamers to end the ceremony.

I try to use the bathroom in my wedding dress. 


We get the party started!



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