That’s Amore: The Details

I absolutely love detail posts and I’m so excited to share with you a few details from our American wedding!


Mr. G’s suit and shoes. Mr. G went with a gray pin striped suit and pink pocket square. The condo where we stayed had all sorts of cool decor and our photographer took this shot with a vintage jukebox from the condo.


I love this shot of our rings on our welcome card!


My bees charms on the necklace I made from my grandmother’s ring. 


My necklace that the hive helped me choose.  You all have amazing taste!


My brother made this sign for our ceremony seating.


A shot of one of our ceremony musicians. We had a violinist and cellist play music while guests were being seated as well as for the processional.


Our guests were given a flute of champagne to enjoy before the ceremony started.


Our aisle was lined with flowers in glass jars that hung on shepard’s hooks.


Once the ceremony was over our guests headed inside to the escort card table that was decorated with origami cranes I folded months earlier. (You can also see a bit of the DIY fabric board I made as well.) Our escort cards were made by the Etsy shop Simplyoney. The owner Gail was great to work with.


Our reception table had our flower arrangement and an info card about the bride and groom on a DIY cork stand. 


Our wedding cake on the dessert table with the dessert table banner I made. My stepmother also added a few teapots to decorate the table.


Our dessert table had all of our favorite treats such as cake pops, gummy bears, and Reese’s Pieces. We also had clear Chinese take- out boxes our guests could use to take some treats home.


We also had cupcakes (key lime and chocolate) as well as a groom’s cake. The groom’s cake was a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake- Mr. G’s favorite.

What do you think will be your favorite detail at your wedding. Already married brides, what was your favorite detail at your wedding?

All photography by Courtney Ortiz.

recap icon

Miss a recap?

We have our rehearsal dinner,.

We set up the venue,

We do our first look and family photos.

The sushi at cocktail hour was great.

We blatantly copy the internet. 

Our boss gives a speech.

We say Kampai!

We cut the cake.

A quick guide to Japanese wedding receptions.

My bouquet toss was an epic fail.

I change my dress. 

Our guests ate and drank.

There were tears. 

We had a receiving line.

We had an after-party.

We tried to have a zero wedding. 

We head to America!

We receive some great OOT bags.

We have our rehearsal dinner. 

We get ready for the wedding.

We pose for a few photos.

We jump into golf carts.

We have our ceremony.

We use streamers to end the ceremony.

I try to use the bathroom in my wedding dress. 


We get the party started!

The food and cake.





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