Trashing the Dress

The first time I’d ever heard of a trash the dress session I thought to myself, “That’s pretty weird. I’d never do something like that.” This was one of the many somethings that I said I would never do before I got engaged: I would never fold a ton of origami cranes for my wedding. I would never care about chairs. I would never trash my dress. Well, you can probably tell I ended up doing all of those things that I’d said I would never do and loved it!

Making the decision to trash my dress was spur of the moment. It was the morning after the wedding and Mr. G and I were packing up to go to Italy. I’d been putting off thinking about what to do with my dress after the wedding because I knew it would be a hassle. Should I get cleaned in America and have it shipped back to Japan? Should I be passive- aggressive and “accidentally” leave it at my mother’s house so she could just take care of it for me?  I had no idea what to do until I took a look at the dress.


It was disgustingly dirty. The dress had been through two weddings so the train was a bit ripped and the bottom of the dress had turned gray and black and had random streaks of electric blue. The gray and black had obviously come from the rain we endured while we took our couple photos, but I still have no idea where the electric blue came from. I took a look at the dress and figured that the cost of having it cleaned and shipped to Japan would exceed the actual cost of the dress and I decided to trash it. Then I had a stroke of inspiration. I looked out of the window and saw the beach waiting right in front of me. Images of Mrs. Airplane’s trash the dress photo shoot came to mind and I decided to go out into the ocean and get a few pictures of myself in my wedding dress before I threw it away. I asked Mr. G to grab his camera (this was a typical point- and- shoot digital camera so the photos aren’t of superior quality) and we walked out to the beach and started shooting.




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Although it was November, the water was still warm and Mr. G and I had a pretty good time taking the photos. I did get a few stares, but not many. I mean this is Florida, seeing a woman swimming in her wedding dress is nothing compared to the craziness that Florida has to offer.

Trashing the dress was a great experience and I’m so glad I did it. Are there any brides out there who plan on trashing their dress?



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