Gondolas on a Gondola: Part Two

After Rome, we took a train and rode in executive class to Florence. The carriage was very spacious and the chairs were larger and could extend backwards if you wanted to lie down.  The train ride from Rome to Florence was beautiful. The Tuscan countryside is gorgeous with rolling green hills and crumbling ancient stone houses.


 We had the entire carriage to ourselves and were able to really relax in executive class.

We stayed at the hotel Riva Lofts which isn’t too close to the city square of Florence, but was close to my best friend who lives in Florence.  Our hotel provided bicycles so Mr G and I rode around town and even went grocery shopping.  We definitely had a less touristy stay during our time in Florence due to our hotel not being right in the city.



Picking up some groceries in Florence on our bicycles.

To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend the hotel where we stayed. The hotel seemed to be more concerned with style rather than substance. Outlets were in weird places and the rooms were very badly lit and dark. It was so bad that we requested to be put in another room. The staff there were great and actually put us in a four story suite free of charge!

In Florence we saw the Duomo and Ponte Veccehio and ate more delicious food. The restaurant Borgo Antico has a smoked cheese and zucchini risotto that was amazing!

One of the best parts of our honeymoon was the cooking class that we took in Florence. Our chef and teacher, Giovanni, took us and the other members of our group on a tour of an Italian supermarket and then to the studio to cook. We made pasta (ravioli and spaghetti) and two sauces- tomato and bolognese- as well as tiramasu. It was all so delicious and so much fun!


 Cooking our two different sauces.



The end product at the end of our four hour class.

Our last leg of the trip was Venice which was very romantic. We stayed at a beautiful hotel called the Hotel a la Commedia.  We only stayed in Venice for two days since many people told us there wasn’t much to do, but Mr. G and I totally wished we had stayed longer. Venice, though it’s difficult to navigate (we got lost so many times), is a beautiful city and we can’t wait to come back some day.


A beautiful view from our gondola ride.

Our honeymoon ended with us taking a private water taxi to the airport (taking a boat to the airport- that was so cool) and back to our normal life in Japan.


Saying farewell to Venice on our water taxi to the airport.

Has anyone heard that Venice isn’t worth staying in for too long?  I thought we could easily have spent three days there.



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