The Honeymoon “Glad I Dids & Wish I Hadn’ts”

In this post I want to go over the “Glad I Dids” and “Wish I Hadn’ts” for our honeymoon.  Let’s start with the things I’m glad I did.

Traveling off season 
I was really worried about traveling off season, especially in Italy in November which is the rainest season. I pictured miserable rain, tons of stores closed and having an awful time in general, but guess what I found out? Off season travel is amazing! I’d been to Italy before during peak travel time (late May) and the city was extremely crowed. This time around, however, the city was sparse and lines were so much more manageable. This was most apparent in the Vatican. My  first time at the Vatican involved me being shoved and pushed through by crowds of people behind me and spending about one minute in the Sistine chapel before I was pushed out by the crowd. During our honeymoon Mr. G and I were able to leisurely walk through the Vatican museum. We were even able to sit down in the Sistine Chapel and listen to a podcast about for 20 minutes.

As for the rain, it rained three times during our stay in Italy and it was light rain every time. The best part, we got a few great rainy European photos.


Enjoying the rain in Venice

Going the podcast route.
A friend of mine recommended downloading a few free Rick Steves’ podcasts rather than paying for audio tours or taking a group tour. We did this and it was great. Rick Steves is a great speaker and had very interesting podcasts. We used his podcasts for our tours of the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica,  and the Sistine chapel.

Traveling the way I like to travel.
My family often travels and my stepmother, our family -appointed travel coordinator, loves to plan a full itinerary when we travel. Going to see about five or six different sites a day is the norm for my family and it has always exhausted me. After years of an itinerary- packed travel style, I’ve now become a much more relaxed traveler and fortunately Mr G is the same. During our honeymoon we slept until noon, went to see a site, then went back to take a nap, and then went to dinner. It was a very lazy way to travel, but it worked very well for us.

Dressing up. 
I knew we would be taking lots of waist -up photos so I decided pack lots of cute sweaters and statement necklaces to add a bit of flair to our photos.  From the waist -up I tried to stay fancy, but from waist- down I mostly wore sneakers.


Here I am rocking a sweater and a big chunky necklace.

Now on to the things I wish I hadn’t done.

Staying outside of the city center. 

During our stay in Florence we stayed outside of the city center and it just made getting to everything so much more work. Finding a taxi after eating a meal at restaurant was a bit of a hassle as well. Mr G and I decided that we will definitely stay in the city center the next time we go to Florence.

Stayed more than one night.

I’d been told that Venice wasn’t worth staying in for longer than I day, but it is a city that could be enjoyed for much longer. I have come to learn that it is difficult to really see a city in just a day. I wish we could have stayed a few days longer.

Are there any travel tips that you have? Anything you wish you hadn’t done? Anything you’re glad you did ?


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