The Verdict on Vegetable Ice Cream

Look what I bought a few days ago.

photo 2 (1)

Haagen Daz Spoon Vege Ice Cream

Vegetable ice cream!

Actually, it’s vegetable and fruit ice cream but Hagen Daaz Japan is  marketing it as vegetable ice cream. It comes in two flavors: tomato cherry and carrot orange.

photo 1 (1)

Showing of my ice cream modeling skills at the supermarket

You may be thinking why would anyone make vegetable ice cream? Why does this even exist? In Japan, various food companies like Kit- Kat, Starbucks, and Hagen Daaz try to keep things exciting and new for the consumer by coming out with all sorts of different flavors.  On a average day I can go to the grocery store and have over 7- 10 choices of a limited edition ice cream flavors. It’s always fun to see what they have available and the promise of a new ice cream flavor every month or so always has me looking for and buying something new. They are also relatively cheap and come in small sizes so there’s not too much buyers remorse if you don’t like it.

photo (1)

The flavors seen here are coffee milk, pumpkin, chocolate brownie, rum raisin, mango orange, green tea, vanilla cookie raspberry, and cassis milk

Am American friend let me know that vegetable ice cream was coming to Japan and I decided to give it a try (my friend guessed it would be pretty gross). I first took a bite of the tomato cherry. It was a blast of tomato followed by a sweet cherry aftertaste. I took the spoon out of my mouth, looked over at Masa and proclaimed “It’s disgusting. .. I think.” I took another bite to be sure and tasted more cherry and less tomato. After about my 5th bite I could only taste the cherry and it wasn’t that bad.  I then had a spoonful of the carrot orange. It tasted nothing like carrot and more like an orange creamsicle. I looked at the side of the carton hoping it would be a low calorie, healthy ice cream full of nutrients that I could eat instead of salad, but sadly it wasn’t so. It’s 216 calories for the cup and carrot juice is the 3rd ingredient after cream and milk.

So what’s the verdict on vegetable ice cream? It’s pretty good when it doesn’t taste like vegetables.  I had Masa try both and he didn’t like either of them, but I think if he didn’t know the carrot orange flavor had carrot in it he would have liked it.

Seen any weird Japanese flavors you’re interested in learning more about? Let me know.


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