The Bedroom

Continuing on the tour of our new place, here is the bedroom.


I will spare you the “this is where the magic happens” spiel and just let you know that this room really isn’t finished at all. I want to get nicer bedding for the room and buy some art for the walls.

So you may be thinking that this room is pretty small for a master bedroom and you’re right. The room is 2.8 meters by 3.4 meters (9 feet by 11 feet), but I think this is the average size for a master bedroom or at least a bedroom in a home in Japan. I don’t think Japan really has master bedrooms, that is, a very large bedroom with a bathroom connected to it.

We have a queen size bed which is not a common thing in Japan and having it has been an ordeal. In our first apartment, our movers could barely haul it up the stairs because our ceiling was so low. It also took up the entire room of our first apartment, but hey, it was great having a big bed to sleep on so we dealt with it.  When we moved we had to make sure the mattress fit in the elevator or the movers wouldn’t have been able to move it. Thankfully our condo has an unusually long elevator and it just barely fit in the elevator.

You can see that it takes up quite a bit of space in this room as well, but since we only really sleep in this room it’s fine. We bought the nightstands for Ikea and I love them.We also have my dresser in the room, and our closet which is tiny. Masa has a mini dresser in the closet as he has less clothes than I do.


My dresser


Our closet

I cannot wait to fully decorate this room and make it more fabulous!


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