Taste Test: Haagen Dazs' Lemon Ginger Float

Haagen Dazs Japan has come out with a new seasonal flavor- Lemon Ginger Float!


Haagen Dazs Japan often comes out with new limited edition seasonal flavors and I am always eager to try them out. You can check out my last taste test post on Haagen Dazs carrot and tomato ice cream here. 

So on to the taste test! The inside of the container:


The brown is ginger flavored ice cream (more like a sherbet really). The white is lemon ice cream.

My first bite was mostly the ginger part of the ice cream and it tasted very ginger-y, almost like medicine. I then made sure to get a bite of both the lemon and ginger and it was lovely. The creamy lemon ice cream and the spicy ginger ice cream were a great mix. This is an ice cream I would definitely buy again.  I passed it over to Masa and he said he liked it but wouldn’t buy it again because it was to gingery. Masa likes really sweet things and I prefer things to be a  bit more bitter so this ice cream may not be for you if you have a major sweet tooth.

I can’t wait to see what flavor Haagen Dazs comes out with next!


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