Photos from Amsterdam

Masa and I took a 5-day trip to Amsterdam last week.




Panekoken at Panekokenhuis Upstairs


We had a great time and ate at some wonderful restaurants including Bussia, Prego, Herengracht Restaurant and Bar for dinner and a restaurant called Greenwoods for breakfast.



Full English Breakfast at Greenwoods


We also visited the Heineken Museum and saw an improve show at BOOM CHICAGO. Both were lots of fun and we got free beer at the Heineken Museum!


Masa and I spent most of our time in Vondelpark, which was gorgeous. We also took lots of naps and just relaxed. We avoided the museums this time around as the lines would be much too long during the summer tourist season. Our trip to Amsterdam was a great way to recharge after going through a very rainy and hot Japanese summer.  Amsterdam felt like spring most of the time, and except for the occasional rain shower, the weather was very sunny.



Enjoying a spring breeze at Vondelpark

I’m going to be candid and admit something else I did in Amsterdam, and no, it doesn’t involve going to the red light district! I went to about four or five H &Ms while I was there and bought a ton of clothes. It was so refreshing to easily find clothing my size!


A sampling of a few of my H&M purchases

I cannot wait to visit Amsterdam again and hopefully Masa and I can routinely summer there when we get older (and much richer)!



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