Buying a Condo in Japan: Part Five

This is the final part in the series “Buying a Condo in Japan” Check out parts one, two, three, and four.

Part Five Synopsis:

  1. We have the walk- through
  2. We get lots of tutorials on all of the electronics and features of our condo unit
  3. We get our keys, contracts, and user manuals
  4. The condo is officially ours!

The next step in the process of buying the condo was visiting our actual unit to make sure everything was in working order and to file complaints if we saw anything wrong (like torn wallpaper, scoffed floors, and/or cracked tiles). We also got tutorials for all of the features of the unit such as the security system and various electronic features. It was very thorough and maybe a little unnecessary as we could just read the manuals, but it really made an impression that the condo company wanted us to truly understand how everything worked.

The walk-through was held on a weekend and all of the owners of the condo unit had to schedule a time during that weekend to do the walk-through.  (As it was a new condo all the owners were moving in at about the same time.) Masa and I brought along Masa’s parents to help us out as they were our Japanese home-owner experts. The walk-through went well. Masa’s dad noticed that our entry gate was a little wobbly so we wrote that down on the form. (It was fixed the next day).


Our shoe closet near the front door. It’s very big for Japanese standards.


Bathtub seemed totally fine!


Hey y’all! Just taking a picture in the shower room mirror.  Why do all Japanese shower rooms have mirrors?!


Our tatami room


Our kitchen sink and stove.

After the walk-through we had our  tutorial session which was a bit tedious as our apartment has lots of electronic features: heated floors, a digital post box, an IH stove top, a complicated gas system, and an even more complicated shower system. Check out this post to learn all about the cool features of our shower room  or watch the video here.

Once the walk-through and tutorial session was complete we received our keys, a copy of the huge rules and regulation book, and a huge binder that was full of user manuals for EVERYTHING in the condo unit: floors, doors, security system, shower room and so much more.

The condo was officially ours!

Want to take a quick look around my condo? Check out these posts here:

My Entryway

The Porch

The Bathroom

The Bedroom



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