Tips For Moving in Japan

Moving in Japan and have no idea what to do? Read on to learn how to get the best rate from Japanese moving companies!

Step One: Call two or three moving companies to visit your place to give an estimate. If possible have them all come on the same day (at different times).

Getting an estimate involves a representative from the moving company viewing your house and taking a look at the amount of objects you need to be moved. This usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Step Two: Once you receive the estimate, mention that you are consulting with other moving companies. They will lower their prices to be more competitive. You can also tell the movers what other moving companies are willing to offer.  They will lower their prices even more.

Step Three: Do not commit to anything at the time of the estimate (unless its insanely good). Most moving companies will call you after the estimate has taken place (usually an hour or so later) and offer you a lower rate. The pressure will usually be on at that time and they will say something like “We can only offer this price for the next four hours.” This is the best time to strike.  

Moving companies will also be very flexible in their negotiations. For example, they will offer to move all of your large furniture at an a very low price, but will not move any boxes. (This could be a good deal for anyone who has a friend with a car).

I have moved twice in Japan and I negotiated the move of my one-bedroom apartment from an estimate of $400 dollars to $200. My husband and I negotiated the move of our 3- bedroom apartment from $1000 to $700 dollars.

Don’t be afraid to haggle for  a good price. It is common practice in the moving world!




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