It’s the Final Countdown

Hive, my first wedding will be here soon. Everything is basically done.

We took some pre-wedding photos to display at the reception entrance (as opposed to getting our formal portraits taken).

IMG_1814 IMG_1819

I got my final haircut.


I’ve been exfoliating my arms like a madman because even with all my tan-line precautions I still got a (slight) farmer’s tan!

We have also started getting a few monetary gifts that come in beautiful envelopes.

These envelopes are so beautiful!

These envelopes are so beautiful!

My biggest “the wedding is coming soon” moment was our final meeting with our venue coordinator and reception MC. This meeting took three hours! Our wedding coordinator and MC were extremely detail- oriented. They called us earlier to let us know the meeting would be a few hours, but I just laughed and said “Yeah, right.” We’ll be out of there in an hour. Everything is taken care of!” Hive, I was so, so wrong.

Since the wedding reception is a two and a half sit -down dinner, there will be lots of moving parts to keep our guests entertained: performances, speeches, the bouquet toss, etc. The coordinator wanted to go over every single detail of all of these events so we ended up with a very lengthy timeline for the reception.

Our MC then interviewed us so she could get to know us better as a couple before the wedding. She asked questions about what we were like when we children, how we met, and what our daily routines were. She was so attentive and professional, and she made it seem like every little detail about us was extremely necessary in order to be a good MC at our wedding reception.

I was very impressed with the level of care that is provided at our venue, but it was exhausting. Our meeting started at 6:30pm and we finally ended up leaving at 10pm. I did, however, feel very secure that our wedding reception is going to go extremely smoothly. Our wedding coordinator and MC will be very focused on the details.

Anyone have a super detailed meeting for their reception? What made you feel like your wedding day was almost here?