Easier Than Expected

Even with all of our website RSVP issues, Mr. G and I got all of our RSVPs with no problem. Well, with minimal problems… We still had to track down four late people whom we just emailed directly and asked if they could make it. Out of the 78 people we invited 65 of them accepted. I was pretty surprised by our low decline rate and I think it’s because our Japanese guests were curious about what a semi-American wedding would be like.

Once we got our RSVPs it was time to make the seating chart, a task that I heard was difficult and time consuming. I asked around and heard that the easiest way to make a seating chart was to use Post- Its with guest names written on each one and paper plates that would act as tables.

One night after dinner, Mr. G and I got down to business. I wrote the guest names on the Post-Its and Mr. G cut up 8 sheets of paper (we didn’t have any paper plates). We started arranging our tables and guests and we finished the arduous task of making our seating chart in five minutes. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! I thought it would take at least an half an hour.


Our seating chart

I highly recommend the Post-It/ paper plate method. The most tedious thing was writing the names on the little sheets of paper, which took about 3 minutes.

How did you go about arranging your seating chart? Was it easier than expected?