Gondola Wedding Dress Reveal

So Hive, before I get into whether the mermaid dress from the previous post was a resounding “Yes!” or a horrific “No!” let me talk about the logistics of buying a dress when you live overseas.

I decided to buy my wedding dress at David’s Bridal because it is very easy to buy a dress off -the- rack there. I went to the States in March and knew I had to purchase a dress that fit me well while I was there. In Japan, most brides rent their dresses so having dress fittings and alterations is unheard of. I would have to find a dress that looked good on my body,buy it, and not gain or lose any weight until October and November.  My mother hated the idea of this and tried to come up with another solution, but outside of me flying back to the States two or three times (at $2000 a plane ticket) within the year, there was no way.  I had to find the perfect dress.

So we had sipped champagne and the pressure was on to find the perfect dress.  I had tried on three other dress when my consultant asked if I wanted to try on a mermaid dress, a silhouette I had always been hesitant about wearing. I thought that my big boobs and butt would make me look like a sausage wrapped in a too -tight casing, but I had an open mind so I thought “What the heck?!” The champagne had kicked in by then so I was feeling adventurous.  She brought the dress in the dressing room and as she zipped me up she said that girls with my figure always looked amazing in this dress. I stepped out of the dressing room and she was right!

Without further adieu, here is my wedding dress.

The Dress!

The Dress!

The back. Next to me is my sister getting emotional

The back

The requisite "I found my wedding dress" fist bump

The requisite “I found my wedding dress” fist bump

I love the mermaid silhouette. My consultant was right; it was very flattering on my body type. Also, I rarely see the mermaid silhouette in Japan so this will be a stand- out dress for sure. Everyone gave it a ten. We bought the crystal belt( which is really a headband, but the consultant cleverly turned it into a belt) and the veil. Veil, belt, dress, and garment bag (I highly recommend you buy one) all came out to about $600 dollars.

About two weeks later I picked up the dress and went to the tailor to get the train of the dress cut down to about half its length. The dress fit me so perfectly I didn’t need any other alterations. It is October now, and I’m happy to say that I still fit into the dress! I lost about 5 pounds since I initially tried on the dress and that has not made any difference.

Were you open minded when you went wedding dress shopping? Did you try on a dress silhouette that you thought wouldn’t flatter you?


Champagne Wishes and Dress Dreams

Here is something that you don’t hear every day: I went to David’s Bridal and had a good experience.

I had heard so many horrible things about David’s Bridal: bad customer service, people waiting for hours to be seen by a consultant, and tiny dressing rooms; but I had a surprisingly pleasant experience. I did, however, take a few precautions:

– I made an early appointment on a weekday (there was hardly anyone in the store when I went there).

– I wore the underwear I planned to wear on my wedding day, a long line bra and Spanx, so I would know how the dress would fit with my own underwear.

-I went on the website and printed out all of the dresses I wanted to try.

One thing I must say is that your consultant can make or break your appointment. I was first assigned to an older woman who talked about herself for 5 minutes before asking me what dress I wanted. She later kept putting tiaras on my head even though I said I wasn’t interested in tiaras. I started to get very annoyed with her, but fortunately that consultant got called away and a much younger assistant, who actually listened to what I wanted, came to help me and my appointment went much smoothly from there.

I went to David’s Bridal with my mom, stepmom, and sister. They all have good taste in clothing and are very supportive so I knew they would be the perfect people to bring. They also brought a bottle of champagne and champagne flutes so I really knew they were the perfect people to bring.

We met with our consultant and I handed her my list of dresess that I wanted to try on (all were under $600). She asked if I was also open to dresses not on the list. I said I was, but was a bit hesitant about trying on a mermaid dress because I didn’t think it would flatter my figure. The consultant pulled the dresses I wanted and took me over to the dressing room. My stepmom, mom, and sister popped open the champagne and I stepped into the dressing room and tried on my first dress.

One Shoulder Mesh Gown with Beaded Waist Style EJ2M2626

One Shoulder Mesh Gown with Beaded Waist Style EJ2M2626

My family quickly shot down this dress. They all said it looked boring on me. On a scale of 1 to 10 they  gave it a 6.5 (my sister added the speech bubble when she took the photo). I actually liked it and thought it made me look angelic. I gave it an 8.

The second dress I tried on was the dress that I thought would be the dress. I tried it on hoping that I, as well as my family, would love it.

Chiffon Gown with High Slit and Halter Tie Back Style WG3482 David's Bridal Collection

Chiffon Gown with High Slit and Halter Tie Back Style WG3482 David’s Bridal Collection

You can tell by the smile on my face that I loved the dress. I wanted something that would stand out in Japan and the sexy silhouette of the dress definitely would.  I gave it a 9, but my family was still underwhelmed.  They suggested we try on a few more dresses.

Dress number three was another halter dress. Quick tip, having your hair up or down really affects the look of a halter dress. I looked much better in a halter dress when my hair was up versus down.

Satin A-line gown with beaded metallic lace applique. Style T9569

Satin A-line gown with beaded metallic lace applique. Style T9569

My family loved this dress. They gave it a 9.5, but I wasn’t really feeling it. This dress silohuette is very typical in Japan so I knew I wouldn’t stand out like I wanted it to, but on the other hand it flattered my figure immensely.  We decided to try on another dress, but I got a glass of champagne before we started again.  Trying on dresses is surprisingly hard work!


I think champagne enhanced my David’s Bridal experience greatly.

We were discussing what dress to try on next when the younger consultant said “Just a second. I have the perfect dress for you! I know you said you didn’t like mermaid dresses, but just try it on and see.”

Well, hive she brought out a mermaid dress and can you guess what happened? To be continued…

For those of you who bought your dress at David’s Bridal, did you have a bad or good experience?

Out of the three dress I tried on, which did you like the best?